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Nestled between the sun drenched beaches and the mountains of Southern France,
MAISON ANGELVIN is a house situated in the idyllic lands of the French Riviera.

The ANGELVIN family, who planted their roots in Saint Tropez in 1944, is pleased to continue
their proud tradition of producing exquisite rose wine. We invite you to explore the two uniquely different
and refined vintages of Cote de Provence rose wine.

The award winning vintage Selection is the fruit of precise work involving localizing specific parcels for harvest,
hand picking the grapes and a single cepage to isolate the individual aspect of each characteristic of grape.

This work comes to bear in a delicate dance evoking notes of grenache, cinsault, and Mourvèdre.
Prestige vintage, produced by Logan Wallace Angelvin, is the gem born of the family vines.

These vines which are bathed in sun and irrigated by the unique micro climate of Saint-Tropez,
are elaborated to a pristine assemblage under the guidance of the oenologist Laurence Berlemont
( expertises of Cote de Provence rose wines and oenologist of Miraval rose)
Prestige true to its name continues the tradition of family excellence in wine making